After Party Cleaning services Bloomsbury

  With the fun, excitement and laughter of the happy moments with your loved ones, the party brings the stress, the fatigue and the dullness of the after party cleaning.

 But fret not; with our after party cleaning services, one can best enjoy the party, without any stress!

With a very professional approach, our cleaning team systematically takes up the each area of the house, leaving each of it better than it ever was before! A specialized team is always on its toes to help you party harder! Our services can be arranged at any time and day that is suitable to you.

   We offer after party cleaning services in Bloomsbury as standard package. If you need to make any specification on what cleaning job to be done at your place, you have our list of topics to choose among or add a special one, depending on your needs.

We offer some standard procedures:
- bathroom cleaning including door and fittings wash and polish,  shower area wash, and disinfection, floors washed, polished and disinfected, etc
- kitchen cleaning - work surface washed and polished, oven cleaning, waste removal, others
- garden and terrace cleaning
- carpet and curtains cleaning.

  The minimum time for this after party cleaning service is 4 hours. It is up to you whether to provide your own cleaning materials, equipment and products or have these supplied by us at additional cost.

 Let Cleaners Bloomsbery  help you and be satisgied with your smile!

After party cleaning Bloomsbury prices:

Price: £12 per hour per cleaner.

  There is a minimum of 3 hours per after-party cleaning visit. Customers are responsible for providing all cleaning materials and equipment. Alternatively, cleaning detergents and equipment can be provided at an extra £20 for cleaning visits that are booked for more than 5 hours.

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